Saturday, 3 November 2012

KTM Improved Trains

Today I went to Mid Valley Megamall for the PC Expo 2012. As usual my main transportation to such places is using public transport and the easiest is rail services. 

First took the RapidKL LRT from Bukit Jalil to Bandar Tasik Selatan. I have to reload my RapidPass because it doesn't have enough balance that is minimum RM3.00. I top up at the machine and when I scanned, surprised that the panel on the gate showed I have RM26.50 on my card. OMG, why so much? I just reloaded RM10.00 and hence should have RM 11.60. I was wondering whether I had top up RM20.00 but was sure it was just RM10.00. Maybe something is wrong with the vending machine. 

At Bandar Tasik Selatan my the panel show a failure. Went to the information counter to check. I was told that I did not check in. Hmmmm...... so I can't checkout. I place the card inside my wallet during check in and pull it out when I wanted to check out. 

The staff asked me whether I have another card in my wallet and then I remember I have my PLUSmile TnG. 

The machine actually read my PLUSmile card that has TouchNGo facilities and not my Rapidpass. So, a lesson learn today, I can use my PLUSmile card to travel on services that uses TnG. 

From Bandar Tasek Selatan to Mid Valley is by KTM Komuter. The service had introduced new train and coaches which is more comfortable and with more coaches. If I am not mistaken there are 6 cars for every train. Upon entering the feel of comfort can be felt with its white interior and looks wider than the previous trains. Raise my hat for KTM to uprgade their services. 

However the thumbs up has to be inverted at the Mid Valley station during my return journey. There was a long queue (about 40metres?) to purchase the tickets. There is only two counters available while the third counter is for those who want to purchase the KTM commuter card. 

There was also a log queue to purchase tickets at the vending machines. 

My 2 cents suggestions to KTM. 
Why not install vending machines inside Mid Valley so that the crowd at the narrow walkway to the counter and platform can be minimise. 

There should be more ticket counters since Mid Valley has a high traffic. 

Open up a temporary counter inside Mid Valley so commuter can purchase their ticket beforehand. Thus can reduce the weight on the walkway.

Don't expect seasonal commuter like me to buy commuter ticket because it not an everyday travel on KTM komuter.  

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