Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cendol Pak Hassan @ Sungai Besi

It might not be one of the finest cendol drink in Sungai Besi but what I am concerned is that the seller is a Malay. Nothing racial but because of ingredients used.

We know cendol will not last if just kept in a normal storage condition.

Have you heard about mamak's cendol (sorry to pinpoint)? Their cendol is believed to last longer if it is not  sold out during a day's business. It will have to be kept overnight or maybe a few overnights. There is saying that to keep their cendols life span longer, they put a lump of tiny worms used to feed ornamental fish in aquariums wrap up in thin cloth. It is believed that these tiny worms secrete enzyme that prevent the cendol from turning bad and thus it can be kept for a few days. Hope someone well verse can refute this common claim. 

Back to the story. During a morning market spree, I stop at Cendol Pak Hassan at the junction of Jalan Suasa 3 and Jalan Suasa 4. It is just a small stall and it sells Cencol Pulut and ABC (Air Batu Campur). For those alien to this acronym, ABC is a sweet drink containing generally, sweet corn, peanuts, jelly, and red beans and topped up with shaved ice before finalising with sweet syrup and condensed milk. Thats the basic ABC.
A refreshing ABC on a hot day? 
The price is competitive to the two mamak cendol located about  a hundred metres away along Jalan Suasa 4.  The price list below.

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