Monday, 22 October 2012

#TSDAYOUT Whats Ur Cup Of Coffee

I have seen my grandfather take his black coffee and the habit has been inherited by me. However my kids does follow my footsteps and I think that over consumption black coffee ends with me.

I consider it over consumption because my daily intake is more than a  mug (not cup) of coffee  daily. If I did not take coffee in one day, something might be wrong in my daily routine drink intake. 
I can finish a jug like this with no hassle. photo credit

My black coffee that I inherited is so thick that there is still a thin film of leftovers on the inside of the cup. A cup off coffee that I took can still be diluted to make another cup of the same servings. That what make me lost immunity to caffeine maybe. I can still take a mug of thick black coffee and still can sleep in about an hours time. 

What prompted me to write this post was because of my visit to a cottage industry coffee trading company in Tanjung Sepat town. I was with the group of travel enthusiast made up of bloggers and photographers for the #TSDAYOUT, a monthly activity organised by Selangor Tourism. Thank you Dian for picking me from the list of likes on Tourism Selangor Facebook Fanpage. 

What I am going to relate in this posting is based on what I saw and experience during the #TSDAYOUT with Tourism Selangor. We visited the family run, Joo Fa Trading, a coffee processing company that still runs since about 50 years ago. It is in a normal house where the family stays back to back with the coffee processing area. The factory is at Lorong 5 in Tanjung Sepat Town. 
Coffee Trading
Joo Fa Trading at Lorong 5, Tanjung Sepat Town, a place to get your fresh grounded coffee right from the roaster.
Fresh coffee fruits are picked from trees before the beans are being separated. Now only I knew that fresh coffee beans that come in pairs inside the fruit is not what coffee taste when you drink. we were briefed that the raw coffee bean coated with a soft jellylike substance and is quite sweet. I tried the taste and that is true. 

Coffee fruits are dried in the hot sun to hydrate the them before being separated in a specially designed homemade machine. 
Coffee Peeling machine
In this technological era, domestically home made machine like this still cope with modern machines. The owner of this factory should be commended for keeping the tradition alive for the younger generation to witness past technologies. This machine is to separate the dried skin and flesh of coffee fruit from the beans. 


1. Coffee fruits picked from the coffee trees. 

2. Fruits are sun dried until the flesh is fully dehydrated

3. Coffee beans separated from the dried flesh using the machine described above

4. Coffee Beans will be fried in large wok like the one below until it turn black before being grounded into coffee powder.

6. Here's your cuppa of coffee. 
Come Lets have a cuppa

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