Thursday, 25 October 2012

Beware of AES

Today many KLites will be going back their birth states or to be with their old folks for the Aidil Adha. Today too, many Muslims might be performing the Puasa Sunat Hari Wukuf in Arafah. For those who fast on 9 Zulhijjah, Allah will pardon his/her sin for the previous year and for the coming year.

Normally when it is festive season, we will hear about the Ops Sikap to cope with increasing road accidents and deaths. I am not sure whether there is such operation this time around. I never watch TV news anymore when negative politic campaign is the main agenda everyday.

The new kid on the block this time around and had been a buzzing acronym is AES (Automatic Enforcement System). It a system that will squeeze road users pocket for the benefit of making profit by two companies maintaining the system.

When the system is being implemented, on the IT front especially for mobile gadgets there are applications developers working to help road users warn of available AES cameras programmed to be detected within 1000 metres away. We should appreciate them because they develop them and we can install it for FREE. 

I am not sure whether there are applications for iOS, Blackberry or Windows mobile since I m using android platform. 

I have installed all the four applications and will put it to test when I travel back to Alor Setar. I had been using the Rada trap and it does detect traffic cameras and translate it as speed cameras. however it does not detect the AES when I travel on SKVE a few weeks back.

1. AES Detector developed by Kevin Chua. 

This application is developed to assist drivers to detect the new launching AES Camera.
System will auto trigger alert sound to remind you when detected any AES Camera within 1000 meter from your driving point. Make sure you turn on your mobile phone speaker in order to hear the alert sound.
Note : This application can only be used in MALAYSIA only
Kindly refer to this blog for latest updates on location.

2. AES Detector with map developed by Kevin Choong
This is an AES camera detector tool with interactive mapping features. It assists when you are on the go, by showing the surrounding cameras on map. Details of each camera can be shown with a single tap on them.
This app can also be configured to alert you when cameras detected, with both speech and beep sound.
A useful search function is there for you to locate a place by entering its latitude and longitude coordinates.
Under the Settings, there are few things you can configure:
-Turn On/Off Camera Following My Position
-Turn On/Off Satelite Map
-Turn On/Off Traffic Map
-Turn On/Off Beep when cameras show on map
-Turn On/Off Speech when camera is < 1km away
As you know Malaysian government has started to roll out its Automated Enforcement System (AES). The full complement of 831 cameras will be up and running in 18 months from now, with the cameras set to be deployed in stages.
All published camera locations are included, which are:
-First 14 cameras in pilot stage
-All cameras in various states (peninsular, sabah & sarawak).
As all the camera coordinates are provided by JPJ, the accuracy is not guaranteed. So if you manage to find incorrect information (eg. missing/wrong camera placement), please report I will rectify them asap. Other comments/suggestions are also welcome.
User Tips:
1)To enhance positioning, turn on
-GPS satelites
-Use wireless networks
-Use sensor aiding
2)Tap on each camera on map to view its details.
3)Tap on compass to pan map to your present location.
4)Turn off Satelite map for faster map retrieval.
5)Turn off GPS sensor when not using this app to save battery power.
Hopes this app will be useful to all Malaysian.

3. AES Location detector developed by jordyland

Designed to detect AES speed trap camera in Malaysia.
Able to work with GPS alone without Internet connection.
Sound alert when when AES detected within 1km. 
Although AES camera not within 1km. It will show nearest AES camera to you at bottom screen with smaller size wording.
-display your GPS signal, distance of nearest camera.
-provided with AES camera map.
-alert sound trigger when AES camera detected within 1km
-allow update latest AES from server.
-allow user to disable alert sound.
-show user driving speed.
(accurancy speed depend on your GPS signal)
If any AES location not in AES map, please feel free to drop me an email.
once location updated, please click menu "Update AES location" to get you AES location updated.
4. AES cam location developed by Blue Submarine

AES(Automated Enforcment System) Malaysia Latest Traffic Camera system !
AES (Automated Enforcment System) Malaysia latest traffic camera system to capture traffic offender photo and summons!
AES implementation will be done in phases, the first phase, AES cameras have been installed at 14 locations blackspot which is the location which is often the fatal accidents in the state of Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya.
This App show the list of AES camera mounting location in Google map, easy for user to know the location.

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