Saturday, 25 August 2012

Friday @ Pasar Mergong, Alor Setar

The Aidil Fitri 2012 as usual I am back in my hometown Alor Setar. One of the location that has been a hive of activity is the Pasar Mergong off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman on every Friday. Pasar Mergong is just another wet market but Friday sees much more activity and it can be considered a poor man's supermarket. Visitors can in fact anything in a supermarket but of  different quality, price and status. It is an open air morning market. 

Putting aside fish and other sea products and vegetables of a normal wet market, visitors can even buy branded apparels only that they might be imitations. Some daily electrical products can also be found. There are also peddlers welling antiques and I saw a stall even selling CD converted songs from as old as the 50s. The songs were converted from old records.

Since it is Friday, the market opens until up to 11.00 when (Muslim) sellers starts repacking their wares and go home to prepare for their Friday prayers. 
Branded but imitated apparels 
Fresh grounded coffee 
Medicine man attracting the crowd with snake shows
Your mobile phone stall
Among the antiques offered for sale
Super oldies you will never find at airconditioned malls.
Of course you can even buy used Durex lube. LOL. 

If you visit Alor Setar, and on a Friday, it is worth to pay the morning market a visit. You might find something to buy and bring home besides visiting the a must visit Pekan Rabu. 

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