Friday, 8 June 2012

Ayam Kampung @ Alor Setar

Where to go for Ayam Kampung in Alor Setar? There are many restaurant or food stalls that serve ayam kampung but the one I patronise is at Persiaran Sultan Abdul Hamid (formerly Jalan Pegawai) in Alor Setar. It is located next to the Shell petrol station and adjacent Maktab Mahmud (Puteri). it is just an ordinary restaurant but is usually full house during lunch because of the specialty and there are varieties of local dishes to choose. the restaurant also has the Ikan Kembung curry cooked to the Kedah tastebud. 
Ayam Kampung and Ikan Kembung curry. Served on your table right from the wok. So, the dish is freshly cooked and warm when served.
I bought this dishes (below) consisting of two portion of rice with additional portion for both, 3 catfish, Ikan Kembung curry, one ribside Ayam Kampung, a pack of bihun soup, and iced tea. It costs me RM 29.00.
The Location
RN Teguh
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