Sunday, 4 January 2009

LCCT Food Garden

Went to LCCT to send off my cousins who are flying back to Sabah. Did not park my car at the car park at LCCT but illegally on the road in front of the Pos Malaysia Cargo. Free of course.  On the way back, stop to have breakfast at the LCCT Food Garden. It is situated about 50 metres away from the terminal building. The place is quite comfortable compared to the outlets at the terminal where it is crowded especially at Asian Kitchen. 
Below is the view inside the Food Garden, spacious and comfy. Here one can have the popular Nasi Campur, Nasi Padang and Nasi Kandar. For those who saviour KFC, can also satisfy your appetite at the Finger Lickin' Good outlet within the garden.
I ate this Nasi Padang with a piece of beef,  a piece of pergedil and some vegetable. 
This is the bill
I think the price of food here is fair and quite cheap compared at the terminal. 


Anonymous said...

i never knew this place existed. haha
we usually fly from klia but last time we went to lgkawi, for the 1st time i fly from lcct. but i had my heavy bfast at home since i dont know if there a nic place to eat. xp
thanks for sharing.

cikgu said...

firstly, thanks for visiting my blog. I am happy that you found some useful information from my blog.

Dav DiDi said...

Looks yummy ...


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